Introducing our specialist departments


Business Development

Business Development organises and pursues the strategic development and long-term growth of AutoScout24. The main tasks of this division include recognizing future market potential and developing new business ideas in the sectors of internationalization, new technologies and new business areas. In this, we work together with internal specialist divisions, experts and external partners.

We observe and assess new market developments and trends; create concepts, feasibility studies and decision documents; agree on these across divisions and present our results to the management. We create detailed business plans in close agreement with Product Management, IT, Sales and Marketing, convert these into workable projects and work alongside them during the implementation phase. For this, an analytical, creative and businesslike manner is required, as well as assertiveness and perseverance.

Business Development ensures a framework for the strategic development of the company and thus ensures continuous growth for AutoScout24.


The financial division of AutoScout24 comprises the departments of Accounts and Cost Control.

The main task of Cost Control is to supply management with all the important company information required for running AutoScout24. We guarantee this through regular reporting of all relevant financial figures and ratios. In addition, we run Europe-wide planning and budgeting procedures and provide transparency of results using the internal cost control and steering systems such as cost-volume-profit analysis and project cost control.

Our Accounts department covers the tasks of business accounting. The main tasks in this are the documentation of business events and accounting to the shareholders. The most important tasks in Accounts arise from drawing up the end of month and end of year accounts, invoicing our customers, including processing payments received and issuing reminders, and keeping accounting records of all invoices received and employee travel expenses.

The Finance division supports all employees in word and deed on any business questions.

Human Resources

Qualified and motivated employees make a significant contribution to the success of AutoScout24. The tasks of the Human Resources division therefore cover both the filling of new positions as well as the professional and personal development of our employees. We publish job advertisements and make an initial selection on applications received. When new employees are employed, they receive from us not just an employment contract. We also organize regular Welcome Days, so that they can gain a detailed insight into the organisation of AutoScout24. In addition, we give our managers systems and processes that guarantee a uniform, company-wide, fair and transparent management culture. To further the development of our employees, we organize both internal and external workshops and arrange individual measures. We always have an open ear for any questions from our employees regarding their working relationship and see ourselves as internal service providers and advisors.

International Sales

AutoScout24 is currently represented in 13 European countries with its own companies in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Spain. The International Sales department works as an interface within this AutoScout24 group. Our aim is to successfully drive forward international growth, to have a uniform presence across Europe and to guarantee efficient collaboration and communication with all national companies. In this, our main tasks include strategic sales planning and co-ordination, as well as cross-border use of learning and synergy. Furthermore, we support our national companies in optimizing sales pitches and internal work processes. We achieve this through numerous projects, concepts and a CRM system developed in-house, as well as close collaboration with respective specialist divisions. The arrangement of the department within the organisational structure of the company leaves freedom to actively and autonomously participate in creating the international future of the company.


“Mundaneness was yesterday; challenge is today.”

Teamwork in many different functions is required to fully bring to life one of the largest websites in Europe. With over 400 different web pages, 160 million page impressions per day, 10 Gbps throughput and IT in Munich that works for 13 countries across Europe, one thing is clear: we have plenty of challenges in store. If you want an everyday job, you’d better look elsewhere.

Fanatical Support
Do you live IP, breathe bandwidths and dream of Layer 3? Can you smell server power supply units and are you only really awake when you have more than 150 servers under your control? And best of all: do you love solving tricky problems? Then as a system administrator (Windows, Linux, AIX, Oracle and networks) you’ll be in the right place with us: you’ll develop one of Europe’s largest web farms and keep our pages alive. You’ll test new technologies and be able to reconcile both technology and costs.

Serious Engineering
Many people can write software. Only a few people can write software that is called up 160 million times each day. We are looking for these few. As a developer in our team, you’ll not only design and implement new functionalities across Europe on the subject of cars, you’ll also achieve dimensions of scale with your code that almost no developer has ever achieved before. Welcome to the future!.

Bleeding Edge Project Management
You can do “Projects” anywhere. With us, you’ll be ahead of your time. You’ll scout for technologies and customer benefits, and organise implementation teams: everything with the aim of bringing new subjects to life before they are established in the market.

Key Account

At AutoScout24, the Key Account Management division is split into the two areas of Financial Services and Automotive.

Key Account Management Financial Services
These deal primarily with the acquisition and care of advertising customers and our commitment to them in the fields of vehicle finance, vehicle insurance and leasing. Right at the forefront are the sale of online advertising space, special forms of advertising and collaboration with these customers. In addition, this department finds specific solutions for Financial Services customers through credit and insurance comparisons, for example.

Key Account  Management Automotive
Here the focus is on the marketing of defined online advertising space and products for AutoScout24 and all the sites under contract to Scout24 Media. Of central significance is the care of existing advertising and collaboration partners, as well as personal contact with decision-makers. The formation of commercial collaborations, the identification of potential new customers and the recruitment of new partners are also included in the tasks of this area.

Customer Care

Qualified and motivated employees make a significant contribution to the success of AutoScout24. This applies particularly to customer service as it is the direct contact point for dealer customers with questions and problems. We claim to ensure the highest degree of customer focus and satisfaction. So our Customer Service employees carry conviction in their telephone calls and correspondence through their friendly approach and specialist skills. Modern data administration programs and telephone systems support this work, and clearly defined work-flow processes ensure efficient and focused completion of all tasks. Thanks to its closeness to our dealer customers, the Customer Service department is also an important interface with Sales, Marketing and Customer Service.


The legal division looks after all the legal matters of AutoScout24 GmbH (as the central contact point for all divisions). Individual departments are advised and supported on all legal questions that come up through their daily work. The drafting and examination of agreements are also included in its tasks, as well as questions from the legal areas of Internet law, competition law and data protection law. Its work also includes the implementation of corporate governance and compliance matters in the group and the internal co-ordination of matters of corporate law, and trademark and domain rights. International aspects also form some of the tasks of the legal division: European subsidiaries are supported in checking contracts and drafting standard agreements together with external lawyers in those countries.


Supply and demand – both need a marketplace like Autoscout24. Marketing for AutoScout24 is therefore aimed at B2C and B2B target groups: our core task is to understand, recruit and maintain car manufacturers, dealers, private car buyers and car sellers as customers. In B2C marketing, our focus lies on the complete online media mix; in B2B marketing we support sales using the complete marketing mix – from classic, through online to direct marketing and events. We support the development of our strategies and check on our successes using market research. Our projects are closely dovetailed with the Product Management and Sales divisions.

Editorial Department

The Editorial Department is a five-member team which publishes the weekly AutoScout24-Newsletter and the Online-Magazine. With more than 600,000 subscribers in Germany alone, the AutoScout24 Newsletter is the leading independent automotive newsletter with the highest circulation in Europe. The editorial coverage focuses on car premieres and exclusive test reports, other topics cover safety, the environment and technology.

By maintaining the highest journalistic standards, the magazine offers a high quality advertising environment and increases reader loyalty through independent and credible editorial content. The goal of the editorial work is to increase the frequency of visits to and the amount of time spent at the AutoScout24 website. In addition to this, the magazine allows us to intensify our contacts with the car makers and manufacturers. Our most important target group are the readers, to whom we are especially committed, and who will be able to find exclusive car reports in the AutoScout24 Magazine that cannot be found elsewhere on the Internet.

Product Management

Some of the main tasks of Product Management are the optimization and development of all AutoScout24 websites across Europe. In this, target-group specific market/customer requirement analyses form the basis for product innovations in the “automotive” product environment both for the end customers and for business customers (car dealers, manufacturers, OEMs).

The product portfolio includes individual basic functions (online searches, closed areas) of the marketplace as well as independent products such as the magazine area, advertising products or partner websites.

Using product concepts, an attempt is made not only to develop products in line with market requirements but to incorporate and drive forward Internet innovations.

Closely co-ordinated with our own IT department, the projects run through different product development phases to achieve technical acceptance and finally go live. In addition to the work on product concepts, the tasks of a product manager also include co-ordination with internal and external customers and service providers and the organisation of product processes.

Public Relations

Continuous reporting on AutoScout24 in public media as well as in business and specialist media makes a significant contribution to the profile and success of our company. In addition to continuous contact with journalists, PR tasks primarily include the development of communication concepts and our own PR topics, as well as their full implementation. Due to our interface function, we work very closely with Marketing, the AutoScout24 Editorial division, Product Management and many other divisions in our company. Our daily work also covers writing press releases and company texts, as well as responding to enquiries from journalists. We also look after internal communications, for example in the form of monthly employee newsletters. Furthermore, we support our colleagues in AutoScout24 European national companies on all questions regarding press work and communications.


Qualified and motivated employees make a considerable contribution to the success of AutoScout24. The target groups of our sales consultants and area sales managers are car and motorcycle dealers in Germany. Employees receive wide-ranging support in recruiting new dealers as AutoScout24 partners, through appropriate strategic sales promotions and measures, and also through modern data processing programs and targeted selection of addresses with potential. Our sales consultants working in telephone sales are essentially concerned with acquiring make-independent car and motorcycle dealers. As an area sales manager working in the field, you would be responsible for recruiting and looking after local car dealerships that are not tied to one particular make. Our partners value the high level of specialist skills and individual advice provided by our sales employees.