Personal development


Welcome Day

The first working day has a lot to offer: new colleagues, a new place of work and new organisational routines. In the workplace, new employees are helped to feel at home with the work and are comprehensively supported by their colleagues and management.

We invite all new colleagues to regular Welcome Days. Here, they are given important information about the organisation of AutoScout24 and get to know the points of contact for all the departments, as well as our managers. In addition, contact is made with other employees and thus the basis is formed for successful inter-departmental collaboration.

We can also help our “New Münchners” in finding accommodation.

Further education

We support the personal development of our employees through an extensive range of training opportunities. In regular meetings and within the scope of annual reviews, our management plans personal development aims and activities together with their employees. On this basis, Human Resources organises external training opportunities or in-house seminars, dependent on demand and needs. Our skills model forms the basis for this, where each position is divided into professional and personal skills.

In addition, we offer English courses to all employees.

Management development

We support the professional and personal development of our managers through an extensive range of measures. In addition to professional training, this also includes the optimisation of management skills.

All AutoScout24 managers are made familiar with our management tools. The aim of our management tools is to increase management success, through increasing the reflection of the management role and increasing communication skills. Our management guidelines form the basis of a uniform understanding of management and management behaviour.

The internal development of our employees is very important to us, so we try to recruit managers at AutoScout24 from our own ranks if at all possible.


In addition to a fixed salary, we also offer our employees a percentage that is dependent on success. This variable payment is paid out twice a year based on agreed targets. A small part of the payment is dependent on company targets being met and the main part depends on meeting personal targets. These are agreed in the meeting with the manager and can include larger projects, for example, that extend beyond everyday work.

In addition, a salary review takes place once each year, which looks at external market salaries and whether the salary is in line with internal market conditions, as well as individual performance.