Management guidelines


Performance expectations & quality

In carrying out our tasks, we set high performance and quality standards and are the best in our industry.

The individual performance of our employees is above average and is measured against clearly defined targets and requirements; we reward performance through performance-based and transparent payment systems.

The delegation of tasks & responsibilities

We delegate tasks, decision-making powers and responsibilities within transparent specifications and control mechanisms that are laid down within divisional procedures and the defined job profile.

In delegating tasks and responsibilities, we take into consideration the personal skills and knowledge of the employee and offer help if required. The aim is to teach the employee to work independently and on his or her own responsibility. However, there is no delegation without control; the responsibility for targets being reached remains with the delegating party.


We promote an environment where there is room for innovation. Employees are able and encouraged to contribute proposals regarding process improvements and innovations both within and beyond their task areas.

Innovation at AutoScout24 means continuous improvements and the proactive pursuit of new ideas that take into account the changing market environment, anticipate market trends and contribute to the company strategy – and always with the aim of being the best in our industry.

We give new ideas a chance without giving up on what is proven.

Communication & information

We create an atmosphere in which open and honest communication is facilitated and promote the constructive formation and expression of opinion. Conflicts are addressed directly, together with those involved.

Communication and information at AutoScout24 are both timely and adequate; the degree of detail and confidentiality depends on the respective target group.

We are conscious that in guaranteeing an optimum flow of information, there is a duty to provide as well as to obtain information.

Internationality & interdisciplinarity

We see ourselves as an international company and promote both international and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We expect an appropriate attitude from our employees and proactively promote this.

We include not only the micro-environment (i.e. our own division and country) when considering matters and making decisions, but also take into account – if relevant – the macro-environment (i.e. other divisions and/or national companies).

Service focus

Our business is characterised by the greatest possible focus on external and internal services.

In our external relationships, the customer takes pride of place for us; we solve our customers’ problems in a professional and proactive way and anticipate their needs.

In our internal relationships, too, it is obvious that we have the greatest possible focus on service; we support each other, put ourselves in another’s position, give responses quickly and propose constructive solutions.

Decision-making culture

We create clear skills and make uniform, traceable, interdisciplinary decisions. This means that our actions are fair and consistent. Employees who are directly affected are included in the decision-making process.

We make decisions based on thoroughly researched and validated information and learn from any wrong decisions.

We avoid making opportunistic decisions and in reaching decisions never lose sight of our overall strategic direction.

Employee evaluation & development

We evaluate in accordance with uniformly defined and communicated standards of performance with reference to professional and social skills and expect continuous improvement from our employees.

Each employee is responsible for his or her own personal development. AutoScout24 provides a suitable framework to achieve this and managers are alongside as advisors and coaches.

We check on necessary improvements in performance and take appropriate steps if improvements are not made.

Commitment AutoScout24

We create an environment that allows our employees to identify with our company and to be proud to work at AutoScout24..

In this, we put into effect our exemplary function, in which our own division as well as the whole company is positively represented to ourselves and others, and we also expect this from our employees.

Working atmosphere & dealings with one another

We create an environment that allows us to deal with each other in a friendly and personal way and we promote this without disregarding relevant issues or appropriate professional behaviour.

We promote an energetic climate in which our employees can display their greatest possible involvement and commitment. Proactive people are rewarded.

We see hierarchies as a necessary organisational framework, such as within the scope of defined decision-making processes, and not as a tool to exercise power and status.

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