Munich, 28.01.2008

AutoScout24 supports children and aid organisations throughout Europe with 40,000 euros

Scouty is collecting flakes (colloquial German for “money”): under this motto AutoScout24 donated a total of 40,000 euros to various European aid organisations. In Germany 10,000 euros went to the SOS Kinderdorf e.V. and 5,000 euros to the German bone marrow donation database. This year Europe’s large automotive marketplace carried out their Christmas charity campaign together with the national branches in Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands for the first time.

Over 35,000 trading customers throughout Europe and further business partners were called up to playfully do good: they were invited to a Christmas online game by interactive e-card. With the help of the keyboard the participants could guide the advertising mascot Scouty through an animated snow drift and so collect virtual snowflakes. AutoScout24 then donated real „flakes“: 50 cents per collected flake. A total of 38,512 euros were collected in this way. This sum was increased to 40,000 euros by AutoScout24 and distributed to various charitable organisations in the countries involved.

Dr. Nicola Carbonari, CEO, and Dr. Nikolas Deskovic, COO of AutoScout24, personally handed the donation cheques to the representatives of both German aid organisations. „This Christmas we wanted to give joy to people who are not so well off – and across countries", said CEO Dr. Nicola Carbonari. „All aid organisations were carefully selected by our colleagues on location. In this way our "flakes" were able to have a good effect throughout Europe."

About the help organisations:

„DKMS“ (Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei) - German bone marrow donation database, specially for Lea Hofmaier from Niederstraubing (Germany)

The seven year old is suffering from bone marrow breakdown and urgently needs a donation. Until now the DKMS could not find a suitable donor. Therefore urgent further typecasting of voluntary donors is necessary, which AutoScout24 wants to make possible with a donation of 5,000 euros. Further information at

SOS Kinderdorf e.V. (Deutschland) (SOS Children’s village)

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. supports children and young people in need of help, who could not grow up in their parents own home. Girls and boys find a new home in the social facilities of the child help organisation through long term and family like supervision. AutoScout24 supports the SOS-children’s villages with a donation of 10,000 euros. Further information at

UNICEF (Italy)

UNICEF, the child aid organisation of the United Nations, works above all in developing countries. In around 160 states it supports children and mothers in the areas of health, family planning, hygiene, nutrition and upbringing, and gives immediate help in emergency situations. AutoScout24 supports UNICEF in Italy with a donation of 5,000 euros. Further information at

Médicos sin Fronteras / Médecins Sans Frontière / Artsen zonder Grenzen (Doctors without frontiers)(Spain / Belgium)

The organisation „Doctor’s without frontiers“ provides worldwide medical emergency help for people in life threatening situations. The doctor’s are used above all in war zones and crisis areas, which were affected by natural disasters. AutoScout24 donated 5,000 euros each to Spain and Belgium for „Doctor’s without frontiers“. Further information at / /

„Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque“ (France) (Mécénat cardiac surgery)

„Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque“ supports needy children and those with heart problems in poor countries. The aid organisation makes it possible for small patients in France to find accommodation with families and for them to be operated on in French hospitals if this is not possible in their home country. AutoScout24 donated 5,000 euros to „Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque“ in France. Further information at

„KiKa-Stiftung Kinderen Kankervrij“ (Holland)

This aid organisation supports research into child cancer with its donations. The focus is on relieving pain, improving chances of healing and increasing quality of life. In addition research into the medicine sector is promoted. AutoScout24 donated 5,000 euros to the „KiKa-Stiftung Kinderen Kankervrij“ in Holland. Further information at

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