Munich, 08.04.2007

European wide re-launch of AutoScout24

A word from the editor

Only a few months after the international re-organisation of AutoScout24 Europe’s largest car marketplace is receiving a new face – standard for all ten European country pages. For the user this means that the navigation is even more simple, the search is better and numerous new functions. Also dealers profit because interested parties are now directed even more specifically and quicker to their offers.

With 10.66 million users (WNK, ACTA 2006), AutoScout24 is already today the most visited online car market in Germany. And it’s similar in the European countries in which AutoScout24 is present. In order to also be able to successfully encounter the challenges in Europe in the future, the company, which is headquartered in Munich, has fully reworked its platform. Above all, the customer is at the focal point. In various tests and analysis, the entire navigation was designed as “oriented on the needs” in order to be able to encounter all eventualities. AutoScout24 thus once again faces the wishes of the users and thus increases its position as Europe’s largest car market in the internet.

The most important changes at a glance:

  1. The homepage as a central starting point
    Directly on the start page, quite a lot has optically changed. The used car quick search remains in focus which makes possible the direct access to 1.5 million vehicles. With an orange background, to the left there is the option to change directly and without detours to other marketplaces. To the right of the quick search there is, with a light grey background, the AutoScout24 magazine with the current vehicle tests, new introductions, advice and much more.
  2. Head navigation
    The simplified navigation is no longer to the left, but rather on top. Different flags simplify the path to the respective action. No matter whether for example “search & find” or “advertise & sell”. In addition, the entrance to the closed area for car dealers can be found here.
  3. The new vehicle search
    Very new is the used car “special search”. With currently four different search patterns, integrated in the category “search and find”, AutoScout24 offers its users for the first time a search which is independent from the make but however is pre-sorted according to the categories like convertible or all-terrain vehicles. Interested parties make this new function possible of searching through differing makes, through this dealers can reach undecided customers.
    Also new is the make search. It accommodates users who are sure about the make but not the model.
  4. New portrayal possibilities for the search results
    Two new result views – picture gallery and table view – create more overview and ensure an even more efficient finding. Depending on if the user prefers visuals or rather works with the pure data, there are always the fitting portrayals. The proven list view was in addition slightly optimised and thanks to larger pictures allows an integrated headline with the most important vehicle information and a quicker overview.
  5. More details for the detail view
    The vehicle detail view gives the prospective buyer a detailed insight. All pictures are shown directly, one serves as an eye catcher. The most important vehicle data is found centrally listed, flanked by financing and leasing rates on the left side as well as the data of the vehicle provider / dealer on the left side and the contact form on the right side.
    Integrated are in addition pictures in an XXL format – for even better portrayal of the vehicle. Up to six pictures can be used.
  6. Optimised services for dealers
    Also the products which are special for dealers have been reworked and optimised in the scope of the face lifting. The new dealer information pages make it possible for the car dealer to show his company even more extensively and thus develop trust with the prospective buyer. The products AS24 Inserats-Gestaltung©, AS24 Top-Inserat© and AS24 Homepage-Platzierung© have been directly optimised and offer even more possibilities for the differentiation.
  7. New technical basis
    Not visible for the eyes of the users as a basis for the “new AutoScout24” the existing database and the CMS have been completely reworked. The main approach for this was among other things to create a Europe-wide standard technical basis as well as the demand to satisfy the future performance demands. The new system thus makes possible on the one hand the handling of more volume (both page impressions and users as well as vehicle advertisements) and on the other hand in comparison to the old system access which is twice as quick. Thus it forms the basis for the further expansion of AutoScout24 and the growing demands of the customers.

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