München, 20.10.2011

AutoScout24 presents the tenth Internet Auto Award

Voting for the number one public users' prize in the automotive industry in Europe starts 20 October 2011.

2011 has been an anniversary year: above all, it marks 125 years of the car. And the Jaguar E-Type and Renault 4 are 50 years old. And, in this illustrious company, the 10th Internet Auto Award, Europe's number one public Internet users' prize in the automotive industry. As of today, under the slogan "Europe votes", AutoScout24 is calling on all online users throughout Europe to cast their votes for their favorite cars in ten different categories at http://www.internetautoaward.com by 13 January 2012. And AutoScout24 is giving away two top-class cars for voters to win: an Opel Ampera and a Mercedes-Benz B-Class Sports Tourer.

Europa votes: with a new category – electric cars

There are 351 models to choose from, in the following categories: Cabrios, Offroad and SUV, Small Cars, Compact Class, Medium Range, Upper Medium Range, Higher and Luxury Class, Sports Cars and Coupés and Vans and Compact Vans. What is new this year is the Electric Car category, which AutoScout24 users can use to vote for the best innovations. The AutoScout24 Magazin editorial team are also using the online competition to promote cars in two special categories, "The Environment" and "The Future". The winners in each category will be awarded the CAROLINA trophy. Anything up to 300,000 Internet users all over Europe have cast their votes each time in recent years.

"As Europe's number one online car market, we're very keen to see what models our users in different countries vote for once again this year," says Alberto Sanz, Managing Director at AutoScout24. "The CAROLINA is a real users' prize, and is also extremely popular with makers and dealers." The award ceremony will be held at the Geneva car fair in 2012.

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