Munich, 04.02.2013

Germans would like to see better manners and more consideration on the roads

Car drivers in Germany are unhappy: almost all of them (97 percent) would like other road users to be more considerate. That was the finding of a survey of 1,020 drivers conducted on behalf of AutoScout24, the online car market. A third of the respondents (34 percent) would like other drivers to keep a suitable distance from their own vehicle. 24 percent are irritated by road users who ignore the procedure of merging alternately and refuse to let anyone into their lane.  Equally unpopular with 23 percent of the respondents are drivers who don’t indicate early enough when changing lanes or turning. Germans would also like other drivers to have better manners when parking in urban traffic and overtaking on the motorway (eight percent in both cases).

Germans use gestures to thank other drivers and are most likely to show consideration towards elderly drivers

In addition to all the lack of consideration, there are many positive gestures that can be found on German roads. A gentle nod, smile or raising of the hand – almost all drivers (98 percent) say thank you if, for example, another driver lets them merge into the traffic. Germans also show consideration towards other drivers who are clearly older. To avoid potential accidents, four in ten respondents (44 percent) take particular care when around older drivers. 31 percent slow down when in the vicinity of drivers who are clearly unfamiliar with the area, and every fourth driver (23 percent) shows consideration towards young and novice drivers.

Danes are the most considerate neighbours

“Which of Germany’s neighbours has the most considerate drivers?” Among the nine neighbouring countries, the Danes are out in front: every fourth German believes that their northern neighbours drive most empathetically, followed by the Swiss (24 percent) and the Austrians (18 percent). The last places are occupied by Belgium, Poland and the Czech Republic (four, two and one percent).

The market research institute Innofact AG surveyed 1,020 drivers in Germany on behalf of AutoScout24 on 21st and 22nd January 2013. More information can be obtained from

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