Munich, 17.10.2013

Financing the next car of every fifth European is an option

It is common to pay for new cars in cash - in Germany as well as abroad. A current study by AutoScout24 Media shows that 55 percent of Europeans intend to pay for their next car in cash. In Germany, 59 percent prefer this way of payment. However, every fifth European is considering financing options. They are considered by 18 percent of the respondents who plan to buy a car during the next 12 months. Particularly the French (26 percent), Italians and Belgians (22 percent respectively) favour this way of payment. In Germany, it is approved by 18 percent. Furthermore, every fifth European has not yet decided how to pay for his next car (21 percent). These results were found by AutoScout24 Media, Europe’s specialist for online automotive target groups that has surveyed more than 8800 AutoScout24 users in seven countries for the "International Comparison of Car Financing" study.

Most Europeans prefer to calculate their own financing rate

Most of the respondents in these countries agree: it is important that they can calculate individual financing and leasing rates on their own. This service is supported by 58 percent of the respondents. Among people planning to buy a car it is most important for Italians (72 percent), Spanish (60 percent), Belgians (55 percent) and Germans (51 percent). Austria and France each reached 50 percent. The service is only important for every fourth person in the Netherlands (27 percent). This may be due to the fact that a very high proportion of the Dutch respondents wants to pay for their next car in cash (80 percent).

Almost half the Europeans consider financing before purchasing a car

Some 44 percent of respondents consider car financing or leasing before they purchase a car, in a process termed the "information phase". Almost every second German (45 percent) investigates appropriate payment. This is similar in Spain (44 percent) and Austria (43 percent). The Italians are most concerned about financing issues before purchasing a car (55 percent). About 4 percent of all European respondents handle financing issues with the car dealer on site. This group amounts to 13 percent in Germany. A full 42 percent of Europeans have not yet decided when they will investigate financing issues.

AutoScout24 Media surveyed 8894 AutoScout24 users who planned to buy a car during the next 12 months in seven countries in March 2013 (1010 users in Germany, 406 in Austria, 614 in Belgium, 696 in France, 2175 in Italy, 756 in the Netherlands and 3237 in Spain). Additional information is available on request at

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