Munich, 16.10.2014

Change of vehicle insurance

Almost every third German is prepared to change when buying a car

Vehicle insurances are usually very busy before the deadline on 30 November: Attractive offers for potential new customers are currently common. But the market also has high potential beyond this date: Almost every third German (30 percent) who plans to buy a car during the next 12 months considers changing his current vehicle insurance policy. Every fifth person (21 percent) in Europe considers this. Austrians (26 percent) and Italians (24 percent) in particular intend to change their insurance with their next car purchase. These are the results of marketing specialist AutoScout24 Media, who questioned more than 8 800 AutoScout24 users in seven countries for its study "Country comparison of vehicle financial services".

The height of the premium and specific offers are decisive for a change of insurer

"Our study also showed that an additional 21 percent of Europeans had not thought about a change of vehicle insurer as part of the next car purchase. This provides considerable opportunities for providers of vehicle policies" summarised Jochen Ammelung, Vice President of Advertising Sales at AutoScout24 Media. The main reasons for Germans to change their vehicle insurer are the amount of the premium (51 percent) and specific offers for the desired car based on the personal data stored (37 percent). The scope of services is decisive for 28 percent of Germans. Across the whole of Europe, 46 percent of the respondents found premiums a reason to change to a different policy. This was followed by the provision of specific offers (23 percent) and the service scope (18 percent).

Insurance policies in Germany are increasingly bought via the internet

The importance of the internet is increasing and not only when it comes to purchasing cars. The purchase of vehicle insurance policies is also increasingly affected by it: every sixth German (14 percent) wants to buy his next insurance policy directly from the insurer via the internet when purchasing a car during the next 12 months. 15 percent of Europeans intend to do this. Future online purchases on independent comparison portals are equally interesting for 12 percent of Germans (10 percent of Europeans).

63 percent of Germans obtain information regarding suitable vehicle insurance before buying a vehicle

Every second respondent in Europe considers the "vehicle insurance" issue before purchasing a car (52 percent). At 63 percent, Germany is far above the country average. 26 percent of Europeans consider the insurance issue while they purchase a car on site from a dealer. The Spaniards in particular prefer this option (36 percent), which is only popular among 15 of Germans. Every fifth German only obtains information regarding suitable vehicle insurance after purchasing a car (22 percent versus 23 percent in Europe).

The entire study is available for downloading from the link:

In March 2013, AutoScout24 Media questioned 8 800 AutoScout24 users in seven countries who planned to purchase a car during the next 12 months (number of participants in Germany 1 010, Austria 406, Belgium 614, France 696, Italy 2 175, Netherlands 756 and Spain 3 237). Multiple answers were possible in some cases. Additional information is provided on request at

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